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What is the number one thing that is stopping you from achieving better results?

Staying motivated

I am not motivated and/or I get easily distracted

Memorising for exams

I struggle to remember information in tests or exams

Writing English Essays

I have trouble writing good English essays

Understanding Concepts

I struggle to understand concepts taught in class

Not much....

Not much - I'm already getting A and A+ results for most things. I just want a really high ATAR

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How Carlos Went From Being Disorganised to 98.7


From Lacking Confidence to an ENTER of 96.0


From no motivation to much higher marks


Huge Procrastinator Discovers How To Get On With Studies


Tori Improves Her English Marks Improve from a C to an A


Mike's Physics Marks Up from D to B. ESL improves from B to straight As