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Picking the right study tunes

Picking the right study tunes


There are a lot of questions around whether you should listen to music while you study and if you do – what kind of music should you listen to?

Baroque/Classical music is often referred to as the ideal study music because the tempo of the music matches the tempo of your heart, allowing you to feel relaxed and focused while you study. This type of music is great for people who get anxious while studying and helps to create a calm and encouraging environment but isn’t the only type of music you can listen to if it is not to your taste.

The only prerequisite for “good” study music is that there must not be any lyrics. We know that our mind cannot multitask and process multiple bits of information at once so you don’t want to have lyrics in the background distracting you from your study. But classical music is not the only type without lyrics – you can always try jazz music, reggae or even video game music… that’s right video game music! Just like this top 100 Nintendo Game Soundtrack compilation:

Millions of dollars go into designing games with the perfect soundtrack to motivate players, keep them focused and help them get to the next level. Why not take advantage of all the hard work and use the music to keep you motivated and focused while you study! To take it one step further you could even match your music to your study topics! For example, if you are learning about South America, you could play some smooth South American music to get you into the groove.

So next time you are wanting to study – experiment with a few different types of lyric-less music. If you are feeling a little anxious and stressed out try classical or reggae. If you are feeling a little flat try jazz or video game soundtracks. As long as the music is at a reasonable level volume that allows you to still process the content you are learning the music should help you get in the zone and stay there for an awesome study session!

Find some awesome study music here:

Classical Music:
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Video game music:
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6 hours of Jazz Piano
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