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Free VCE Success Guide

Free VCE Success Guide

Proven Strategies for VCE Success:

Tried and Tested Tactics from Top VCE Performers

A guide full of invaluable information that will boost your marks from day one!
Here’s a quick summary of what you’re going to learn:

How to Triple Your Memory Power Instantly

Sadly, many exams are less about understanding, and more about remembering large sums of information. That is, there are many situations where you basically need to recite a plethora of information to obtain those high marks. Therefore, if you want to get a great mark, you better have a great memory! The good news is that you do not need to be born with a brilliant memory – you can LEARN how to unlock it and ace that exam by channelling into awesome memory skills.

Time is NOT Your Most Precious Resource

How often have you heard someone say, or responded yourself to a looming deadline: ‘But I just don’t have the time’? To finish any task requires time – there is no question about that however; time is surprisingly not your most precious resource. Then what is your most precious resource, you ask? Our Free VCE Success Guide will reveal it to you. So what are you waiting for? Don’t have time?

Why Most People Take Ineffective Notes

You’re in class. The teacher is speaking quickly. You’re madly scribbling something down using dot points. The teacher has finished speaking. Your hand hurts from all the writing. You decide to read over those dot points later. When you sit down later to read over your notes you realise you have little understanding about what you’ve written down. It’s just random information! So what’s the lesson? Well, madly scribbling during class is actually an efficient way of getting all the information down. However, if you’re creating a set of notes for studying or for revising for exams, dot points are NOT the way to go! Please stop using them right now. Our Free VCE Success Guide will reveal the correct way to take notes and save you countless hours of reading and re-reading your dot point notes. Priceless.

Over-study or Under-study?

We are often asked how many hours you should study each night? Well, the answer is…that is the wrong question! To find out what question you need to ask download our Free VCE Success Guide right now.