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Are you interested in having a free seminar on the Formula for VCE Success conducted at your school?

Our VCE Success Formula has three parts:

1. The single biggest mistake students make when they study… and how to
avoid at least one hour of tedious study each night.

2. Discover the method that every student should know to remember mountains of information in exams… but you may not be teaching it!

3. Quickly and easily stop procrastinating, get organised, get inspired and get results.

This seminar will be an invaluable addition for your students and compliment the programs already run by your school to assist students with their study habits.

BONUS: All students will receive a free e-book

“Proven Strategies for VCE Success” plus a DVD ‘Unlock Your Super Memory’. All of this for free.

Not convinced? Check out the feedback we have recently received from parents and students from schools all around Victoria here.

The seminar is normally priced at $2200 (GST included) but is currently being offered free of charge to all VIC metro High Schools*.

Yes! I want to learn more about having a free seminar conducted at our school. Please call 03 9531 0531, or email

*Condition: parents of students must be present at the seminar and you understand that we will mention our One Day VCE Success Program at the completion of the free seminar.