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How Carlos went from being over-whelmed and disorganised to achieving an ATAR of 98.7.


How Chris MacDonald Went From Lacking Confidence to…


I used to really procrastinate a lot. But after the seminar…


Before the seminar, I was stressed about work and…


Months After The Seminar Students Report Better Marks…


Excellent. Not only did I enjoy every minute of it, but since I have completed this course my grades in Business, Physics and especially English have risen by at least a whole grade.

Brendan Eames-Mayer

Balwyn High

Last year I had terrible study techniques such as sitting in front of the television to study. Now I’m more organised. I’m setting goals. My notes are much clearer and easier to remember for exam purposes. The memory strategies have meant that I’ve increased my test results by at least 13% and it’s only the start of year!

Cassandra Dawson


Using my visual memory through the techniques we were shown my marks went up by a grade in biology, English, Chinese and P.E.

Melissa Theodoulis

Eltham College

My son’s concentration has increased in regards to his home work and his grades have gone up by one mark in both maths and chemistry.

Mrs Sreenivasan


Balywn North

Since attending the seminar, I have noticed that my son is more confident and assertive. This has been reflected in his school work with his grades going up by at least one mark. It has been a really positive result for us.

Sue Filius



He is concentrating more on his home work and his marks have improved in science and English going up one grade.

Mr Soares