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Introducing the Meridian One VCE Success Program…a comprehensive solution for VCE Success

Your program begins with an in-depth personal evaluation. This involves evaluating your study habits and working with you to create an on-going action plan to address any areas requiring attention.

Speak to us regularly…

We then provide you with a weekly coach who will spend time with you each week helping you plan your study, get yourself organised and ensuring that you are implementing the strategies you’ve learnt so that you can perform at your best each and every week.

Meet with us regularly…

We will meet with you monthly in a group setting to show you new techniques, help you discover your mistakes and ensure our strategies are a constant part of your routine. At these sessions you will also have the opportunity to meet with our subject coaches who will help you one-on-one with your subjects. All subject coaches are former A+ students who thrive in helping you solve your challenges and guiding you down the right path.

Gain an unfair advantage…

Throughout the year you will also attend an additional four One-Day VCE Success Seminars that are held during school holidays or on weekends. During these seminars we will look in-depth at the learning and memory techniques that are going to make you an A+ student. As the material is constantly updated, you will be encouraged to re-attend these seminars each time they are held for the duration of your program.

Subject help when you need it…

You will have access to UNLIMITED subject-specific help through one-on-one private phone coaching sessions with former A+ students (in addition to the in-person assistance at monthly coaching). This kind of access will be invaluable as it provides you with peace of mind during such a stressful time.

But that’s not all…

Send us your assessment tasks and our top-performing coaches will review them for you, help you discover your mistakes and identify solutions to prevent those mistakes next time.

You will have access to all Meridian One resources including monthly coaching sessions, weekly phone coaching, subject-specific coaching and VCE Success Seminars all the way through High School until you have successfully completed your VCE. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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