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How to find more more time in your week

How to find more more time in your week



Often you have so much going on trying to juggle school, a partner, hobbies, friends, sporting commitments and family…

It can be super overwhelming and you can very easily feel like you just don’t have time.

This is because you are always focusing on the when you are busy and how you are going to get to training and how you are going to get your homework done or see your boyfriend or girlfriend and hang out with your friends.

When you’re thinking about all the time you don’t have, you can actually forget about all the time you do have.

To shift your focus back to the time you do have and you can put together a really simple timetable.

1. Start by creating a weekly timetable and splitting it into half an hour blocks. Get your free timetable template here.

2. Black out all your non negotiable, no study times. This includes times like your sports training and your school time. These are times when you know you cannot study every week. Don’t forget to black out time for watching your favourite tv shows and eating dinner.

3. Now look for the gaps. This represents your free time. You will start to notice a lot of gaps… between your school and sports training or sport trainings and dinner. Even between your soccer game and date night.

So now you have all these gaps that you can start using to study and finish your homework and all you need to learn is how to study effectively and use these times wisely. Click here for tips on getting more study done in less time.

You should create a timetable at the start of every week. Write down everything you need to get done in the week and try and fit those tasks into the gaps. It might mean you’re bringing your cue cards on the train or on the bus on the way to school or having a conversation with your mom or your friend in the car about what you’re learning that week.

What this methods allows you to do is focus on all the time you do have and start maximising your study session to see you grades increase.


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