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Studying on the go

  Too often we’ll hear students ask, “Where is all my time going?” and “I don’t have enough time in the week to get everything done” or “I don’t get any time to relax and do things I enjoy.” So where is your time going? You spend around 30 hours a week at school, over […]


Picking the right study tunes

  There are a lot of questions around whether you should listen to music while you study and if you do – what kind of music should you listen to? Baroque/Classical music is often referred to as the ideal study music because the tempo of the music matches the tempo of your heart, allowing you […]


How to end procrastination

  It is super easy to say you are going to do something, but often a lot harder to actually sit down and do it. You say you’ll get around to it when you have time or tommorow or next week. Now it’s no secret that this procrastination is super common but the questions is […]


How to complete all your homework faster

  Sometimes it can take so long to get through all your school work, whether it be summarising, homework questions or writing an essay. When you have multiple sets of homework and a few assignments on the go it can be super overwhelming as you start to run out of time because everything is taking […]


How 3 coloured pens can instantly help you achieve better exam results

    One of the hardest parts of exam study is not being able to track your progress. Sometimes you fall into the habit of studying content you already know and understand. You feel totally prepared to do the test, but with a false sense of security, and so you don’t get the results you […]


How to find more more time in your week

    Often you have so much going on trying to juggle school, a partner, hobbies, friends, sporting commitments and family… It can be super overwhelming and you can very easily feel like you just don’t have time. This is because you are always focusing on the when you are busy and how you are […]


How to spend less time studying using the timer hack

  We’ve come across students who say a big problem for them is staying focused for long periods of time while studying. How long is it that our brain can actually stay focused on a single task? 10 hours? 1 hour? 5 minutes? The truth is our brain can only stay completely focused on a […]

Automatic Improvement

Automatic Improvement Method

    We all make mistakes. You make mistakes. I make mistakes. The difference is that when successful students make a mistake, they take action. We had a student who rang a few years ago and asked one of our coaches, “How do I write an A+ essay?” The coach first asked, “What year are […]