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How to complete all your homework faster

How to complete all your homework faster


Sometimes it can take so long to get through all your school work, whether it be summarising, homework questions or writing an essay.

When you have multiple sets of homework and a few assignments on the go it can be super overwhelming as you start to run out of time because everything is taking so long. You sit down to start your homework and fours hours later you are still doing the same set of questions or the same essay.

This usually comes from not knowing how long a particular task should take. We are quick to assign 1, 2 or 3 hour study blocks each night without considering how long the homework or assignment should take. If you just stop to consider a multiple choice question should take? Short answer? Essay? You will realise that you don’t actually need to put aside such long periods of time and it sets up a guide for you to complete your homework more quickly and efficiently.

There is a very simple guideline to use and once you know how long each type of question should take you, you can set yourself some time boundaries during your study session to ensure you are completing the questions fast enough.


So a simple way to stay on track is to determine how long your homework should take you, before you start, based on how many of each style of question there is and set up a timer that goes off periodically during your study session for you to check if you are on track. The aim is to complete every question within the specific time frame. This will give you a better idea of how long you are spending on each question and highlight which questions you need to be doing faster. So instead of “studying for 2 hours” you can look at the work and let that dictate how long the study session goes for.


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